RTA Cabinets:

RTA cabinets are shipped to your job site in flat boxes. The pieces are all cut to size, labeled, and finished with the hardware holes pre-drilled and ready to be assembled. The cabinets typically take between 15 to 30 minutes to assemble, and do not require any power tools. 

Are RTA cabinets the same as IKEA cabinets? 

No. Our cabinets do NOT come with hundreds of parts and countless assembly stems. If you can use a non-powered screwdriver, you will have no issue assembling RTA. 

Why do you only sell RTA cabinets?

Shipping RTA cabinets cuts down on shipping charges as well as shipping damages. Our cabinets are well protected from any shipping damage. The cost savings on assembling the cabinets, shipping fully stacked assembled cabinets, and other related expanses are passed to our customers to offer much lower wholesale pricing. 

What are the cost savings of RTA vs. Assembled? 

We typically save our customer about 20% on the entire kitchen cabinet project.